18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul
Technical Support

Technical support for this game is handled by:

If you have trouble with the downloadable demo version of the game...

Advice: Over 90% of technical support requests are in some way related to graphical bugs or graphics accelerator problems in general.

These problems may be manifested differently on different hardware and different PC configurations. Examples include:

  • the screen turns black instead showing the game, or
  • there are weird colorful artifacts and flickering geometry on the screen, or
  • the game may display a dialog stating: "We are sorry, but the operating system failed to provide the window to render game graphics in." The game subsequently crashes with a Prism3D error, or
  • the game runs for a few minutes, but then crashes or hangs the computer

In most of the cases, it helps to simply  update your graphics accelerator drivers. Graphics accelerator companies frequently update the drivers with bug fixes and performance enhancements, so all of your applications should benefit from the upgrade.

ATI - Radeon and All-In-Wonder series cards:

  • ATI calls the drivers for their graphics cards "Catalyst."
  • Download the ATI drivers here
  • Pick your operating system in first step, select your 3D card type in second step, and finally click the link to download latest Catalyst driver.

NVidia - GeForce series cards:

  • Nvidia refers to the drivers for their 3D cards as ForceWare (formerly Detonator)
  • Download the Nvidia drivers here
  • On the page linked above, select "Graphics Driver," then GeForce and TNT2 group of products, and finally your operating system. Click "Go!" button.

Intel - Intel Express, 8x5, 9x5 series 3D chipsets:

  • Intel has a wide range of mobile and desktop graphics controllers.
  • Download Intel graphics drivers here
  • The page above lists various Intel graphics parts, and it also has a useful guide for identifying your Intel graphics controller if you are unsure of what you need.

Additional graphics chipsets support pages: SiS, Matrox, VIA, S3 Graphics.

Important: Many brand name notebook and desktop computer manufacturers recommend or even require that driver updates be obtained from their official technical support facilities.

Note: various companies seem to prefer different terms for the devices producing 2D and 3D graphics on your screen. For practical purposes, the terms graphics card, video card, graphics chipset, graphics accelerator, graphics controller, or 3D card can be considered equivalent.